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Back at work after a much-needed two-week break. As strange as it may sound, I genuinely love and enjoy being at work. So naturally, I missed work while on break. As I was working today there was a lot of excitement and an urge to jump right back into things. So, throughout the workday, I began taking mental notes of some of my favorite parts about being back at work.

  1. Morning standups
  2. Looking at metrics
  3. Having morning coffee at my desk (although today, I had a protein shake)
  4. Triaging JIRA tickets (Usually don’t enjoy doing this)
  5. Finding cool stories while looking for bugs =)
  6. Talking to my team members and chatting on Slack throughout the day
  7. Similar to coffee, I missed having lunch on my desk
  8. The feeling of being on a routine




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